What is Gambler-Asia

Gambler Asia is just one big bundle of fun! A healthy dose of fun, sprinkled with more fun and well…did we mention that it’s fun?

How can I win a special offer?

It’s super simple. Just take a moment to register with your preferred special offer then play with your free chips on our partner gaming platforms. Finish by being the person with the highest score and you have won yourself your boarding pass!

How does a special offer end and when?

Each special offer has an individual end date The handy timer under each of the offer details lets you know exactly when it ends. Please be sure to check the timer under each special offer for this information when you play.

How many times can I participate?

The number of times you are allowed to participate per special offer per platform is determined by the game platform at the time of the offer.

Why do I need to register?

In order to participate in our free offers, you are required to register on our site as well as with our selected partner website in order to be included in the offer, create your score and be able to view other participant scores.

How do you “get” the highest score?

Once you have completed your registration, you receive a chip to play.
Use your chips to get the best score before the end of the Timer.

How many game chips to I receive for free?

Each one of our partners will determine the number of chips and their value to be distributed for any given special offer. You will see this when you participate in the offer.

How much does each game chip count for?

Each chip will show it’s representative value in a chosen currency.